Three industries at the forefront of Green Growth

Record growth in waste management creates an opportunity for recycling and salvaged materialsGlobally, waste management remains a complex issue with no straightforward solution. According to a 2014 Waste Atlas Report, almost 40% of the world’s waste needlessly ends up in rubbish tips.

Much of this waste sits near vastly populated urban areas and cities which are struggling to balance how they deal with the rubbish produced by high levels of consumption.

Former World Bank urban development specialist Dan Hoornweg predicts global waste production will have tripled by the end of this century without significant changes in our approach to waste management.

Based on these figures and the wider threat of global warming – of which waste production is a direct contributor – it is imperative for individuals and companies to act now and ensure their waste is properly managed with a minimal impact on the environment.

Fortunately, industries are becoming increasingly aware of these environmental issues. Numerous companies are now aiding the waste management process along with others who simply put eco-friendly measures in place to ensure their carbon footprint is either extremely low or negative. READ MORE