Partner Auto Distributors Inc. Launches New, Used and Sixt rental car sales in Santa Rosa, California

New, Used and Sixt rental cars of Santa Rosa, Fulton and Sonoma County Airport (STS) in Northern California
Sixt rental cars of Fulton, California is a franchise of Auto Distributors Inc. which also offers new and used cars.
  • Try before you buy, apply up to a week’s rental to your used car purchase
  • Used car buyers benefit from Sixt’s wholesale rental car buying power

SANTA ROSA, California – Purchasing a new or used car has never been easier at Auto Distributors Inc., our partner who owns a franchise for Sixt rent a car of Santa Rosa, Fulton and the Charles M. Schulz – Sonoma County Airport (STS). Guests can get great deals on low-mileage current model year cars at well below the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

According to Auto Distributors Inc., the franchisee, the policy of Sixt is to turn over its rental fleet every year to 6 in order to offer clients the very latest model vehicles. Most cars will have low mileage and the agency and its staff work hard to make sure each car looks great and is in excellent operating condition.

Steve Schneider CEO of Tianyi Investment Group
Steven M. Schneider

“The main thing we provide our guests is wholesale buying power,” said Sixt franchise owner Steve Schneider. “As an auto rental company, our bulk buying power enables us to purchase vehicles so far below retail prices, we can pass this value on to our clients.”

Schneider added that Sixt of Santa Rosa offers a short-term test-rental. If buyers still have questions about purchasing a pre-owned car from Sixt, they can rent the car for up to a week and credit the rental towards their purchase.

Founded in 1914, Sixt’s goal in retiring rental cars from its fleet has always been to create the best overall used car buying experience. Guests know that Sixt takes great pride in its beautiful cars. And Sixt’s expertise with the rental process, nationwide infrastructure and large inventory allow it to make unique offers to its clients.

Guests, if you are looking for an affordable used car, compare Sixt’s prices with the competition, and then test rent one of our cars in a short-term rental. Not only will you love the car and want to own it, you’ll find a whole new way of buying a used car with a no-nonsense, pressure-free experience. Contact 707-568-3333 or email our Sixt agents at

Tianyi Investment Group Opens Business Incubator Partnership in Fulton, California

Fulton business incubator partnership - Santa Rosa, California

Entrepreneur and start-up partners can get office space, computers and consulting at new business incubator in Fulton, California

SANTA ROSA, California —  Entrepreneurs looking to start a business can get office space, business tools and consulting at a new business incubator partnership opening in Fulton, California near Santa Rosa. Tianyi Investment Group, a subsidiary of Tianyi Industrial Group of China, is sponsoring the business incubator as part of its investment strategy.

Steve Schneider, CEO of Tianyi Investment Group, is co-owner of the location in Fulton, which shares space with a global rental car franchise opened recently. He says there is additional space at the property and is looking to connect with other entrepreneurs by offering computer work stations, workshops, storage, parking and consulting with Tianyi associates and business partners.

Steve Schneider CEO of Tianyi Investment Group
Steven M. Schneider

“We are specifically creating a business incubator environment,” said Schneider. “We want it to be a fun, creative and entrepreneurial setting that will provide a place to work, share ideas and allow business ides to flourish.”

Schneider is veteran of the automotive industry with expertise in cross-border business transactions between the United States and China. He has more than 30 years experience in the auto industry with Honda, VW, Renault, Ford, Smart, DeLorean, ZAP, Jonway, Mercedes and Aptera. He served with many industry groups and is currently a board member of the Bay Area Council. He also serves as Chairman of AutoDistributors Inc., Vice Chairman of Samyang Optics. Co., LTD of South Korea and was appointed a Senior Advisor for Economic Development to Hangzhou, China.

Schneider says Tianyi Investment Group is currently evaluating a variety of business opportunities, but is open to partnering with entrepreneurs and business start ups that are in need of the kinds of resources being offered at the new business incubator. Those interested are asked to call 707-568-3333 or contact us via email at

Tianyi Investment Group Relocates Headquarters to Santa Rosa, California

rent a car from Sixt of Fulton, California
Sixt rent a car of Fulton, California near Santa Rosa

SANTA ROSA, California – Tianyi Investment Group has relocated its headquarters to Santa Rosa, California as part of a strategic repositioning to focus on investments in auto rental franchises, according to CEO Steve Schneider. Tianyi Investment Group is a subsidiary of Tianyi Group (, a global manufacturing conglomerate based in China. Continue reading “Tianyi Investment Group Relocates Headquarters to Santa Rosa, California”

Three industries at the forefront of Green Growth

Record growth in waste management creates an opportunity for recycling and salvaged materialsGlobally, waste management remains a complex issue with no straightforward solution. According to a 2014 Waste Atlas Report, almost 40% of the world’s waste needlessly ends up in rubbish tips.

Much of this waste sits near vastly populated urban areas and cities which are struggling to balance how they deal with the rubbish produced by high levels of consumption.

Former World Bank urban development specialist Dan Hoornweg predicts global waste production will have tripled by the end of this century without significant changes in our approach to waste management.

Based on these figures and the wider threat of global warming – of which waste production is a direct contributor – it is imperative for individuals and companies to act now and ensure their waste is properly managed with a minimal impact on the environment.

Fortunately, industries are becoming increasingly aware of these environmental issues. Numerous companies are now aiding the waste management process along with others who simply put eco-friendly measures in place to ensure their carbon footprint is either extremely low or negative. READ MORE

A note from Sixt rent a car management

rent a car from Sixt of Fulton, California
Sixt rent a car of Fulton, California

Big changes are taking place at Tianyi USA focusing on new markets and new areas of opportunity.  Foremost is a recent investment in Sixt rent a car of Germany, one of the world’s largest auto rental companies.

Sixt recently began expanding into the USA and Tianyi USA along with our CEO Steve Schneider are investing in opening franchises in Fulton and Santa Rosa, California to serve the Sonoma County wine country tourism industry and air travel out of STS, also known as the Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport – STS – Website.  In 2014, tourism revenues in Sonoma County grew to $1.65 billion annually.

Sixt franchises are becoming a hot commodity, but such a business opportunity is not to be entered lightly. The following link is to a recent letter from Sixt Management addressing those interested in the Sixt Franchising opportunity.  Please bear in mind that this information is not intended as an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise.  READ MORE

Steven M. Schneider Appointed CEO of Tianyi Investment Group

Steve Schneider CEO of Tianyi Investment Group
Tianyi Investment Group CEO Steven M. Schneider recently opened an auto rental franchise for Sixt rent a car.

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Tianyi Investment Group has appointed Mr. Steven M. Schneider as CEO to oversee global operations for the investment subsidiary of Tianyi Group, a global manufacturing conglomerate based in China.

Mr. Chien Chih Liu has stepped down as President of Tianyi Investment Group’s China operations, and Schneider has taken over global management for Tianyi’s investments in the United States and other countries. Through its 36 branches, subgroups and subsidiaries, Tianyi Group has global operations in several countries throughout the world.

Schneider has more than 25 years experience in business and is respected internationally for his contributions to the automotive industry in electric vehicles, alternative fuels and advanced technologies. He is Chairman for AutoDistributors Inc., an automotive trading company with various business ventures, including the recent opening of two franchises for Sixt rental cars. With more than 15 years experience doing cross-border business and investment in Asia, Schneider was appointed to the Bay Area Council in 2010 working closely with the California-China Office of Trade & Investment. Continue reading “Steven M. Schneider Appointed CEO of Tianyi Investment Group”



Company Highlights

•Tianyi Group was founded in 2001 by its principle shareholder and Chairman of the Board, Mr. Jiang Gou Bei.
•Tianyi Group has 36 owned subsidiaries and 20 joint ventures, with 40,000 employees, which 30,000 are seasonal.
•The principle business of the Tianyi Group and its subsidiaries covers such fields as international and domestic trade, industrial entities, food processing, commercial land properties, real estate development, investment guarantees and property management.

Financial Highlights (In USD)

•At December 31, 2012 Tianyi Group had total assets, and liabilities and equity of approximately $2 billion comprised of cash on hand, property, plant, equipment and investments in joint ventures.

•Tianyi Group has total revenues of approximately $6.8 billion with net income of approximately $180 million for the year end December 31, 2012.

•Tianyi Group has established a new bank line of credit with ICBC totaling $1.8 billion of which none has been drawn on to date. This line was established to accommodate cross border mergers and acquisitions. Tianyi Group also has other bank lines of credit to meet operational needs of the company.

•Tianyi Group was founded in 2001 by its principal shareholder and Chairman of the board Mr. Jiang Gou Bei of the PRC.

•Tianyi Group has an AAA bank rating. Bank verification of rating and $1.8 billion credit line verification will be provided upon request.

•The Tianyi Group feels the acquisition of Nicolas financial will round out its portfolio of operating companies and provide the company with a gateway into the huge United States auto financing market.

•The Tianyi Group hopes that the board will approve the acquisition of Nicolas Financial.


For more information, please contact Mark Abdou at or visit us at

Tianyi latest Acquisition Hi King Group Hai Hao Foods


Jainsu Hi-King Industrial Group mainly runs the branches of aquatic farming, processing, supplied materials processing and exporting.

Its subsidiary companies are as follows:

  • Yancheng Hi-King Agricultural Development Co. Ltd.
  • Yancheng Hi-King Frozen Food Co. Ltd
  • Yancheng Hi-King Seafood Co. Ltd.
  • Jingzi hi-King Poyang Lake Aquaculture Co. ltd.
  • Wuhan Hi-King Agricultural Development Co. Ltd.

The products involve over 50 kinds of five categories including prawns and crawfishes in wild water and in aqua farms, shells and fish in freshwater and seawater, fruits, vegetables. All these are exported to more than fifty countries such as US, EU, Japan and South Korea.

The group was established in 2001 and has been directed by Mr. Lijun and guided by its core mission statement, “Led by technology, living on quality, developing on quantity increase and creating hi-King’s international brand.” Based on quality of goods and years of experience, the company has been highly credited in international markets.

Yancheng Haiwang Frozen Food Co. Ltd.

Yancheng See King Frozen Foods Co. Ltd was founded in early 2001 that exports aquatic products, processing and agricultural trade of seafoods. The main products is frozen shrimp, dragon, the whole limb shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei and so on. Beginning July 2001 through the FDA, European Union Health FED registered products began exporting products to all of Europe, United States and the International Markets.

The company’s existing sorting machines, steaming machines, conveyor machines, quick-frozen tunnel, sterile water treatment machines, refrigeration units and other machines has helped in the processing of Penaeus vannamei, 30,000 tons of fresh lobster, all kinds of aquatic products with 2,400 ton capacity.

In 2002, the company achieved its sales of 30 Million Yuan. In order to meet the demands of the local and international markets, the company heavily invested on new machines that can process freshwater crawfish, Southern Whites, 3,000 tons of shrimp and other aquatic products. Due to its high demand of seafood’s, the company heavily invested more technological advanced machines to help increase capacity of processed lobsters -9,000 tons, South American White Prawn – 4,500 tons, crabs – 1,500 tons and so on. Thus, 110 million yuan was achieved in sales.

Jainxi Hi-King Poan Lake Aquatic Products Co. Ltd.

Jainxi Hi-King Poan Lake Aquatic Products Co. Ltd., Jiangsu Hi-King Societi General Group is engaged in Nanchang, the only export-oriented enterprises processing aquatic products. Its main products are lobsters, catfish, tilapia, shellfish etcetera are being exported to the United States, EU, Japan, Hong Kong and other developed regions.

The company was established in December 2005 located in the beautiful Xiaolan Industrial Park, close to the Pan Yang Lake. The area covers 47 acres, a total investment of 50 million Yuan, a sub-2 construction project, a building area of 13,000 square meters that cost 27 million Yuan. The facilities are in strict accordance with the US FDA and EU Hygiene registration.  The facilities are equipped with 4 production and processing lines which also accommodates 1,200 employees including housing with well-equipment air-conditioners.




Put into operations in May 2006, the company following accepted food safety assurance system, a HACCP plan – which covers the entire process from raw material production and processing of frozen seafood. In June 2006, the company passed the CIO audit inspection, HACCP Plan certification and CCIC Food Safety Management System Certification and US FDA registration and registered EU. In 2006 sales revenue was 74.2737 million Yuan while 2007 was 87.8375 million Yuan.  With the current capacity of factory production to 760 tons of finished products, the company achieved its 120 million Yuan of revenue.




Yancheng Starfish Seafood Co. Ltd.

Sea Star Seafood Co. Ltd. Yancheng is aquaculture, processing and export-oriented processing plant. Products related to fresh water wild shrimp, shellfish, farmed shrimp, fish, fruits, vegetables and 50 categories all exported to US, EU, Japan, South Korea and more than 50 countries worldwide.

Yancheng Sea Star Seafood Co. Ltd. advocates innovation, collaboration, integrity and excellence in core values.

Wuhan Haihao Agricultural Development Co. Ltd.

Wuhan Haihao Agricultural Development Co. Ltd. located in Huangpi Districk, Wuhan, Hubei province. The company established on December 18, 2006 by Jiangsu Haihao Industrial Group with an investment of RMB 70 million. Its primary business is export-quality aquaculture export processing client-provided materials. Its products mainly involved cooked crawfish tailmeat, frozen tilapia, catfish fillets, wild fresh water prawns, cultivated fish and prawns, ocean fish, fruits, vegetables which are all exported to 10 countries and regions including US, EU, Japan and South Korea.

Wuhan Haihao has a set up aquaculture system in food safety and sanitation and is now CIO, HACCP, ISO22000 and SGS BRC certified.

It houses 1,200 staff and 400 are working in Huangpi District. It owns four world-advance production lines which can produce yearly 1,000 tons of cooked crawfish tailmeat, 1,000 tones of whole frozen crawfish, 1,200 tons of frozen catfish fillets, 250 tons of frozen tilapia and 3,000 tons of other seafoods. Its export earnings are over $20 million each year.

We care about the Environment

Hi-King Group is as an environmentally conscious manufacturing (ECM) company which focuses on the most efficient and productive use of raw materials and natural resources and strives to minimize the adverse impacts on workers and the natural environment. In its most advanced form, a product’s entire life cycle is considered, from design, raw material and natural resource use to end use and disposal.

In order to reach this goal, it uses the most advance tools such as concepts like pollution prevention, energy efficiency, material substitution and maximization of recycled content guide the process.


Steve Schneider President of Tianyi USA visits latest the acquisition Hi King Group and Hai Hao Foods with Chairman Jiang Gou Bei. Steve Schneider the Green Ceo and Cross Border Expert spends time in China with Chairman Jiang to go over the strategic plans of Tianyi’s current and future acquisitions. Hai Hao Foods is a 12 year old FDA approved food processing company that is currently shipping $185 million to the USA now.

[title size=”3″]Hi-King Group News[/title]

[content_box title=”Hi-King Grand Opening Celebration of Aquatic Processing Plant Project” icon=”” image=”” link=”” linktext=”Learn More”]On April 29, 2010, Jiang Su Hi-King invested 110 million yuan Societe Generate Group, Hi-King aquatic products deep processing project was started in the grand opening ceremony. Jiang Su Hi-King Industrial Group Chairman Mr. Li Jun, the Group subsidiary of Frozen Food co. Ltd……[/content_box]
[content_box title=”Lead Inspection” icon=”” image=”” link=”” linktext=”Learn More”]On June 9, 2009, from the regional party committee and government sponsored district led Farm Bureau event hosted an Agricultural Science and Technology convention in Huangpi District. Wuhan Hi-King, Municipal Committee, Vice Mayor Zhang, Europe and US delegates also attended the event’s opening ceremony. District secretary of the Yuan Kun-Ho for the Hoi Company also issued $1 million dollars of funds to support agricultural processing enterprise.[/content_box]
[content_box title=”Import and Export Agreement” icon=”” image=”” link=”” linktext=”Learn More”]Agricultural Development Co. Ltd., Wuhan Hai Hao, Lihai Parker’s Olleharwing Co of Austria and Sweeden and Crawfish Huangpi District Industry signed an agreement on January 1, 2009 to reach 5,000 tons Long Shrimp export contracts with the whole shrimp and 6,000 tons of crawfish raw material purchase contracts export contracts of funds equivalent to up to 200 million Yuan RMB.[/content_box]
[content_box last=”yes” title=”Long Xiong Wen Visits Hi-King” icon=”” image=”” link=”” linktext=”Learn More”]January 9 2009, Xiong-Wen, Vice Governor of Jianxi Provincial Government with the Provincial Agricultural Department Director Mao Huizhong, Discipline Inspection Commission Secretary Zhour hair, Nanchang City Deputy Mayor Lui Yang, Fisheries Secretary and other officers inspected the Hi-King General Group. The visit discussed status quo developmental planning on the enterprise and also discussed the export trade of saltwater and freshwater fisheries.[/content_box]

American Ge Teer Air-Conditioning Co & Hikom China (Sino-US Joint Venture)

For 60 years, American Ge Teer Air-Conditioning Company had lead and revolutionized the field of air-conditioning R & D, manufacturing, sales and service by using advanced technology and strong guarantee for product development and quality testing. The company provides industrial production license products and has passed the 3C certification, ISO9001 quality system certification and ISO14000 environment system certification.

In adhering to the business philosophy of committed to science and technology; and concern for the well-being of market-customer oriented service, the Sino-US venture has developed a first-class variety of central air-conditioning products recognized in China and also, around the world.

With this partnership, sales in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Hefei, Tianjin, Xi’an, Wuhan, Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou, Ningbo, Suzhou, Jinan, Qingdao, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and dozens of cities has dramatically increased.

At Hikom, product and service quality and reliability are given the highest priority so as to retain, find, attract, and win new clients.

nanbei chejian bieshu bangong

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Tianyi Group Executives Go Run Food Group Tours

In the afternoon of October 18, 2012, President Lin Bin, and Tianyi Group executives were invited to tour the new Run Food Group, located in Jiangning District of Nanjing Dongshan Industrial Park.

The Nanjing new Run Food Group was established in March 2001. It covers the field of comprehensive agricultural development, real estate development, food and beverage processing, hotels and other industry enterprises. The new Run has a state-of-the-art processing equipment and technology, independent research and development of agricultural and sideline products.

The enterprise has passed the ISO22000 (HACCP) food safety system certification, ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification, QS quality and safety certification. The new Run Group has won the agricultural industrialization leading enterprises in Nanjing, Nanjing famous brand, Nanjing famous trademark, food hygiene grade A demonstration unit and many more.  The Jiangsu Provincial Associations have granted assurance on food safety and recommended the brand and won many other awards. Its products are sold in more than twenty provinces and cities; also established a solid, long-term cooperative relationship with Metro, Wal-Mart, Suguo large supermarket chains at home and abroad, the restaurant chain and star hotels.

Tianyi Group and the new Run Group’s goals are to carry out a deeper level of partnership and cooperation in the agricultural and food sector for further development.

Tianyi Group Executives Go Run Food Group Tours