“Master Liu”, (A Famous Local Food Chain Store In Taiwan)

After a thorough market research to cater the needs of mainland China food culture and conform to the development trends of mainland China’s dietary culture toward diversification, Tianyi Group and famous Taiwanese food chain & tea house – Master Lui has joined partnership and has formed “Nanjing Restaurant Management Co., Ltd.” At present, the company opened its first flagship store in Jiangsu Province and Yancheng City as well.

Taiwanese dishes are its simplicity in terms of presentation and the surprisingly complex tastes. Though influenced by China, Taiwanese had to adapt their dishes to the lack of resources in the country. Thus, unlike China’s elaborately prepared and arranged dishes, those of Taiwan’s are simpler and make use of what is readily available. This simplicity in aesthetics is balanced however by the complex flavors that are a product of the different seasonings and spices taken from different cultures such as soy sauce, black beans, rice wine, sesame oil, pickles, chili, mustard, and parsley.

With the prevailing culinary traditions as well as the influences of other cultures, Taiwan’s cuisine has evolved into one that has captured both local and foreign flavors beautifully.

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