Company Highlights

•Tianyi Group was founded in 2001 by its principle shareholder and Chairman of the Board, Mr. Jiang Gou Bei.
•Tianyi Group has 36 owned subsidiaries and 20 joint ventures, with 40,000 employees, which 30,000 are seasonal.
•The principle business of the Tianyi Group and its subsidiaries covers such fields as international and domestic trade, industrial entities, food processing, commercial land properties, real estate development, investment guarantees and property management.

Financial Highlights (In USD)

•At December 31, 2012 Tianyi Group had total assets, and liabilities and equity of approximately $2 billion comprised of cash on hand, property, plant, equipment and investments in joint ventures.

•Tianyi Group has total revenues of approximately $6.8 billion with net income of approximately $180 million for the year end December 31, 2012.

•Tianyi Group has established a new bank line of credit with ICBC totaling $1.8 billion of which none has been drawn on to date. This line was established to accommodate cross border mergers and acquisitions. Tianyi Group also has other bank lines of credit to meet operational needs of the company.

•Tianyi Group was founded in 2001 by its principal shareholder and Chairman of the board Mr. Jiang Gou Bei of the PRC.

•Tianyi Group has an AAA bank rating. Bank verification of rating and $1.8 billion credit line verification will be provided upon request.

•The Tianyi Group feels the acquisition of Nicolas financial will round out its portfolio of operating companies and provide the company with a gateway into the huge United States auto financing market.

•The Tianyi Group hopes that the board will approve the acquisition of Nicolas Financial.


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